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Welcome to our Rawhide MEAT Company website. Here, we will tell you a little bit about our shop and products.

We are an old fashioned MEAT shop located at 618 North Vermilion Street in Danville, Illinois.  We sell fresh quality MEAT and items that go with MEAT, like baking potatoes, onions, noodles, marinades and condiments.  We also carry a very limited selection of grocery items, but MEAT is our business.

Our selection and quality is the best around the area.  We offer more different cuts of fresh MEAT than anyone locally.  We have numerous customers that drive over 100 miles to buy our MEAT.  We also have customers who carry our MEAT to friends and relatives all over the USA. 

When you leave our store, your MEAT is ready for the freezer.  We use the old fashioned butcherís freezer paper to retain freshness and protect from freezer burn, which can occur within a few days with conventional grocery store plastic wrap.  Our MEAT should be fine up to six months in your freezer.

We also package your MEAT to your specifications.  You donít have to buy 5-10 pounds of an item to get the best price.  This is quite a time and money saver when you go home to put your MEAT away.  No breaking down of bulk trays of MEAT and no expensive freezer bags are needed.

We offer gift certificates.  These certificates are a real hit for that special person or occasion.  There is no expiration date and they may be used multiple times until the balance is gone.   These are a great option for companies or local unions wanting to thank their employees or members. 

You can save substantially by taking advantage of our "Bundle/Order Form" offering large varieties of MEAT content and pricing from $49 To $499. Buy fresh or pre-frozen and always packaged to your specifications. 

There are multiple ways to shop Rawhide.  You can visit our shop and buy right out of the case or have our MEAT cutters cut the MEAT to your specifications.  We take call in phone orders at 217 443 1589.  Or, you can use the Bundle/Order Form link to transmit an order.

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Summer Hours 10-6 M-F, 9-6 Saturday, 9-3 Sunday


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